Who we are

Pushing the boundaries for application security

We're committed to pioneering the latest advancements in application security, ensuring our clients stay ahead of potential threats. Our team takes pride in tackling complex challenges head-on, employing rigorous white box analysis to deliver maximum security impact.

  • Comprehensive contribution to vulnerability discovery.
  • Seasoned in software engineering and code reviews.
  • Stellar reporting for clients to easily understand and mitigate.
  • Your own external application security team.
What we do

Offensive Security Services


Web App Assessment

In depth assessments of your web applications. We're seasoned in most tech stacks and won't hesitate on doing a code review.


Assume Breach

Test the scenario of a breached employee and see how far an skilled adversary can go in your network, and help mitigate the threats afterwards.


Cloud Security

Whether you have a AWS, Google or Azure cloud we can assist you in the best practices around securing these technologies.


Source Code Audit

Our preferred testing methodology for testing applications is dynamic testing combined with source code audits. This maximises the amount of vulnerabilites located.


Mobile App Assessment

We can aid the process of ensuring your development security operations is up to the newest standards and aid with any automation that the platform might require.



Testing binary applications using state of the art fuzzers, and manual instrumentation to maximise the coverage. Furthermore we can help you assess the exploitability of a given issue.